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       Bob Leonard 

Bob Leonard is the head of the Government Affairs Meeting which represents the interests of business issues and communicates those interests to members, the community and elected officials.

Want to get involved or just listen in? Public is welcome! 
Meetings are held the third Thursday of every month. Starting at 9:00 A.M. in the La Sala room, 
located in River Village Center between Fresco Grill and Hanna Salon. 
5256 S Mission Rd, Bonsall, CA 92003
Cross Streets: Near the intersection of S Mission Rd and CA-76/Pala Rd/CR-S13

Discuss matters of mutual interest with Community leaders, residents, and our elected Officials representatives. At these meetings, reports on topics will include new legislation and agendas, local news,  representatives of elected officials will contribute their news, actions being taken, current and local Federal funding, suggestions, comments, etc. 

Unincorporated Communities Governmental Affairs Meeting [UCGAM]

San Luis Rey Valley, Bonsall, Fallbrook and other communities

Notice and Agenda for June 21, 2018 Thursday Meeting.

When and Planned Where:

We will have our normal meetings in the La Sala room from 9:00 A.M. until 10:00. The room is located southeast of the Flag Pole, near the Jack-in-the-Box, on a walkway between PDH Horse Supply, Salon, Fresco’s restaurant and across from pizza restaurant. Cross Streets: Near the intersection of S Mission Rd and CA-76/Pala Rd/CR-S13 From I-5 or I-15 take CA 76 off-ramp heading to Bonsall look for S. Mission Road intersection and you will see River Village Shopping Center, within which is the La Sala room.

Agenda Time-line of Meeting with Topics

Meeting Starts at 9:00 A.M. in the La Salsa Room.  There is limited seating for those regular attendees of this Committee and guests.

9:00 a.m. Self introductions by all those in attendance

9:05 Reports and action requests from Representatives of Elected Officials

Items for this section to be determined based on your needs. Please review your updates on legislative activities and special issues of interest for 20 minutes.

A. Duncan Hunter  Copy and paste link into your browser for full information district/ Regular representative Doug Bauldwin.  Report on activities.

B. Joel Anderson  Copy and paste link into your browser for full information  Regular representative Aaron Andrews.  Report on activities. 

C. Marie Waldron Copy and paste into browser for full information Regular representative Kristy MacDougall.  Report on activities.

D. Bill Horn Copy and paste into browser for full information

New Regular representative alternative Shaina Richardson.  Report on activities

9:30 Actions taken by individuals and/or group in support or opposition since last meeting: 

9:35 Discussion of topics, upcoming activities during the year 2018.

1. Sixth scheduled regular meeting of this year: Thursday, June 21, 2018.  Our next meeting will be after two months unscheduled July and Aug, on September 20th, then October 18th will be the final two scheduled meetings of 2018, with November and December unscheduled. 

2. Water and Emergency Issues Local, State, and Federal. See files to be sent before the meeting.

2.1  Freshwater, science in 3 minute video.  Including impacts in California.  2 page file attached.

2.2  NIMBY Meets YIMBY Housing movement pushes for more housing,

            Census Bureau Data key to Both Sides.  2 page file attached.

2.3  Water Bonds, five things to know about them.  One of which passed in June.  3 page file attached.

2.4  US Southwest, Drought to Intensify where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. 1 page attached.

            2.5  S.D. Opposes State’s Water Tax Proposal.  1 page file attached.

            2.6  Mountain Lion Crossing of I-15 needed.  2 page file attached.

            2.7  Piecemeal Health Reform will not cut it. 1 page file attached.

            2.8  Single Payer Healthcare, at what cost?  3 page file attached.

3. Status of actions regarding: 

4. Update of Fallbrook Healthcare District activities.  Note do not know if Mr. Howard Salmon, or  Barbara Mroz will be attending at this meeting.  June 7, 2018 Pages Request for Proposal and Employment.

      4.1 Fallbrook Wellness Directory is now a Live Well San Diego Partner.

5. What other topics, and activities should we be aware of

9:43 If time allows, potential for brief comments from others in attendance 10 minutes.

9:53 End of meeting with Elected Officials and Representatives of elected officialsAny final comments:

Contact Bob Leonard via cell phone (760) 310-6301 or E-mail or George McManigle via cell phone (619) 701-7974, or E-mail GMcManigle@SBCGLOBAL

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